Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
Watch Dogs Legion

An update will be released for Watch Dogs Legion which will introduce 60fps for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

As it was said during Ubisoft Tea Time with Bagley, Watch Dogs Legion 4.5 update will bring Tactical Op, Project OMNI, “as well as one of the biggest requests from our next-gen console players, 60FPS performance mode”. The post concluded with, “We’re very excited to bring this to the game!”.

Ubisoft also said Dystopian future will support private co-ops. Since it automatically fills your squad with random players if your friends can’t join. Ubisoft also said that the update will also include a feature that was missing in the multiplayer mode launched back in March.

There were also new additions in this update, including new operative types, DJ and First Responder. Some new operative abilities that random NPCs can be found with. Also, three new Co-op missions available that you can play with your friends. Adjustments to XP gains for various challenges are done too.