Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 will be returning to Playstation Store on Monday, June 21.

CD Projekt Red confirmed the return of the game in a press release. It specifically, notes, “the decision by Sony Interactive Entertainment to reinstate the availability of the digital edition of Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation Store,” which lines up with previous comments from studio board member Michał Nowakowski, who said last month that the game return to the store was entirely Sony’s call.

Sony pulled the game from the Playstation store shortly after the game’s disastrous launch. But, looks like they are satisfied with its updated state or considers they can sell it on store now. But, in a statement to IGN, Sony said that “users will continue to experience performance issues with the PS4 edition while CD Projekt Red continues to improve stability across all platforms,” and encouraged players to play either on PS4 Pro or PS5.

CD Projekt Red has outlined a roadmap containing several major and minor updates addressing Cyberpunk’s many performance issues, which will roll out alongside planned free DLCs.