Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021
Dying Light

Dying Light is making its way to Nintendo Switch if this leaked image is to be believed.

Polish gaming Publication PPE is reporting that Dying Light: Platinum Edition is coming to Switch in October with a price tag of $50. Apparently, a reader going by Graczdari works for a retailer with early access to the promotional material and shared the below image with PPE (thanks Nintendo Everything)

While there is no official confirmation from Techland and Nintendo, however, the leaked image does look legit. It matches the way Techland does Marketing, with no grammatical errors. Although, it wouldn’t be hard to fake it either. The descriptions in the image are ripped verbatim from existing product pages for Dying Light: Platinum Edition without a whole lot of new text for the Switch version. At the bottom, there’s an addendum listing some Dying Light 2 Switch features like HD rumble, gyro aiming, motion controls, and touchscreen capabilities, but that’s it.

Dying Light

If this leak is true, then the Nintendo Switch Fans are in for a Treat. Switch Fans will get base game as well as the four major expansions and a whopping 17 skin bundles. Boxed editions of Dying Light: Platinum Edition on Switch will reportedly include extra goodies including a map of the Slums and Old Town, a survival guide, and stickers.