Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Loki Finale introduced us to He Who Remains which setups Kang the Conqueror and turned the TVA timeline with its Shocking Ending.

Some Marvel fans think they have spotted a possible Fantastic Four Easter egg in the opening sequence of the Episode 6 Intro. The sequence that spans the cosmos in the finale’s opening act brings infamous figures from 20th and 21st Century history. Greta Thunberg, Nelson Mandela, and crucially, Neil Armstrong all feature via voiceovers.

But the thing that is seeking the most attention is the Mysterious Spaceship floating among the stars. This isn’t a case of putting two and two together and getting five, either. Fantastic Four’s origins revolve heavily around a trip to space gone very, very wrong, even without the Neil Armstrong “One small step for man” quote hammering the point home. 

In the comics, the group is then exposed to cosmic radiation, which imbues them with superpowers. It’s a Mister Fantastic-style stretch, sure, but something appears to be brewing. Coincidentally, a reference to Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom’s fictional country of Latveria that didn’t make the cut in Black Widow. Though Fantastic Four is very much officially happening, though there is no release date for the film. We don’t even know who is going to play Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm, The Human Torch, or The Thing.