Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
Uncharted 4 review


Uncharted 4 is an outstanding detailed world, a world that is built with incredible details that makes it wondrous to explore. It’s everything you could have asked for in the series finale. The story could have gone different, but, Naughty Dog had to develop a story to drag an aged Nathan Drake from Retirement. Introducing a new character, Sam Drake, Nathan Drake’s Brother, would help definitely.

Naughty Dog outdid themselves with Uncharted 4 in what is believed to be the last appearance of our hero, Nathan Drake. The story begins with Nate and Sam in a boat trying to get rid of Rafe’s and Nadine’s army chasing them in boats too. Nate can basically ram their small boats which I do have fun doing. This part is basically in the middle part of the story.

Uncharted 4 review

The story then rewinds to the time when Nate escaped the orphanage with the help of Sam, and how they parted their ways and then you know Nate’s Adventures began. We then find Nathan Drake retired from Treasure Hunting, enjoying his day in finding copper, you know, and married to a journalist partner, Elena Fisher. Then we get an unexpected surprise from Sam Drake. Well, he is back, to drag his brother back into the Treasure Hunting trail belonging to the notorious pirate Henry Avery.

Nathan Drake had sworn off his treasure-hunting life, but when his brother life is at stake, he’s left with no other choice but to join him on a lead that leads to an Italian Heist to Scottish Cathedral, then from there to volcanic plains which could burst anytime on the island of Madagascar (It won’t burst). A massive open world takes place in Madagascar which is worth the explore.

Uncharted 4 madagascar open world

Just like the previous Uncharted games, this is a race. Which seems like a global race against a ruthless rival, Rafe Adler, a rich American, who hates Nate very very very much. Also, he has a private South African Army, Shoreline, lead by Nadine Ross, who is a badass. Now, you can see how the plot is cleanly constructed. Nate now has a clear motivation to stay in the game after things go south.

Save his brother’s life which is at stake and a promise to his wife, his thirst for adventure versus his nagging good sense. Like the previous Uncharted games, we would see a certain obsession with Drake for the treasure and lost city. But, in this game, it’s not the case. He is not much obsessed with it rather than saving his Brother’s life and getting the hell away from the island after finding out the truth about the fake Hector Alcazar story Sam came up with.

Uncharted 4 bike chase

Uncharted 4 is a very confident storytelling game, assisted by impressive performance capture and facial animation that allows the actors the luxury of leaving some things unsaid. Now, you would want better graphics for Uncharted 4 on PS4, and after seeing The Last of Us Part II (2020) graphics, an insanely realistic graphics, Naughty Dog was able to provide realistic graphics back in 2016. Every location in this game is so much detailed clearly shows their dedication towards developing the game on PS4.

The game is more of a cinematic masterpiece which makes it more of a premium quality game, it’s just next-level. In terms of gameplay, Uncharted 4 is smoothly linear and easy to enjoy, so much to explore, free climbing, and puzzles that technically use your brain to decode the clues that are more about feeling clever. Yet Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End seems to have learned something from The Last of Us and Its Left Behind DLC add-on, knowing when to slow the pace down, give the characters some space, and the player time to sit back and enjoy the moment.

Uncharted 4 Libertalia

One of the best moments of the game is riding in an open jeep through rugged Madagascar scenery which leaves you to explore points of interest and interact with them by hopping out of the 4×4 jeep with a winch. When you go forward or upward because of its slippery muddy surface, winch does play a role. Though this ain’t an open-world game, Naughty dog did make an open-world for players to enjoy. There are hidden treasures, journal entries, and optional conversations for 100% completionists to hunt for.

In terms of combat, many enemy encounters take place in a large open world filled with complex architecture that allows for stealth. Nate can use the environment to its advantage and hide in tall grass, sneaking and using its climbing skills to surprise enemies with a silent surprising takedown. You can also completely leave them and move undetected, if you are better in it no offense. There are parts of the game that require leaving the enemies-filled area completely undetected for the trophy to pop out.

For me, stealth is a good approach to cause a little less chaos than usual. Because once your stealth is broken, enemies start to shoot at you aggressively reducing strength or effectiveness through a sustained attack. The best thing in Uncharted 4 is the chase sequence which is, in my opinion, is one of the best chase sequences in the history of gaming.

Uncharted 4 fight sequence

Talking about the conclusion, I think the game had a satisfying, little emotional ending. Nate and Elena have a daughter now, they are on a beach, with Nate and Elena telling all their adventurous stories to her daughter and the game ends. In terms of Investment, it’s worth noting that Uncharted 4 is a big game. I have spent more than 60-80 hours exploring understanding the game more deeply. I also managed to complete the game 100% about 4-5 times.

So, in the end, Uncharted 4 is one of the best Uncharted games in the series, better than its predecessors. It does something remarkable for a video game. It’s a game better in storytelling, and it’s just worth every time spent behind the game.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.