Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite will launch without Campaign Co-op or Forge Map Building mode, Xbox has announced.

In a development update, Halo Infinite creative lead Joseph Staten explained that Campaign Co-op and Forge both need some additional polishing time. Both are due to launch as part of the seasonal roadmap in 2022. Staten says the goal for Campaign Co-op is to launch in Season 2 about three months after launch. While the Forge is to launch in Season 3 roughly six months after Halo launch.

Staten said, “Unfortunately, as we focused the team for shutdown, and really focused on a quality experience for launch, we made the really tough decision to delay shipping campaign co-op for launch. And we also made the tough call to delay shipping Forge past launch as well.”

“Our number one priority is making sure that whatever we ship, whenever we ship it, it meets the right quality bar, and across all platforms: Xbox devices, PC and all its different configurations. And when we looked at these two experiences, campaign co-op and Forge, we made the determination they’re just not ready.”

Staten also reassured fans that despite not having a release date, the game is still confirmed to release this holiday season. It will release with a single-player campaign and free-to-play Multiplayer.