Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
Xbox Series X|S Upgrades

Xbox Series X|S to be upgraded with faster clock speeds and more processing cores claims a new rumor.

Despite the fact that Playstation 5 has lesser heat sink and screws, it has just generated a huge amount of controversy in the last few weeks. But it looks like Microsoft has some changes planned for Xbox Series X|S. That’s according to a leaker Moore’s Law is Dead who claims that Microsoft is planning a newer version of Xbox Series S which will use new 6nm APUs (AMD’s processors which include a CPU and a GPU on the same chip) that will allow the console to use additional processing cores disabled because of poor yields for the current 7nm APUs.

The current Xbox Series S model has 4 teraflops of computing power. A move to using new 6nm APUs could increase the compute power to 5 teraflops. While this could lead to an increase in price, the idea would be to keep it under Playstation 5. The leaker suggests that Xbox Series X will be upgraded to 6nm APUs in 2023 resulting in a similar power boost.