Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Marvel’s Wolverine has been officially announced by Insomniac games at today’s Playstation Showcase.

A teaser trailer revealed very little, showed a gruff, plaid-laden figure sitting at a ruined bar. As the attacker tries to sneak up from behind, the camera moves towards the fist, from which Logan’s iconic Adamantium blades quickly erupted.

This announcement came as a surprise to everyone. But, they also surprised us again a few minutes later with Marvel’s Spider-man 2 announcement featuring Peter Parker and Miles Morales and a symbiote Venom. Marvel’s Spider-man 2 is coming exclusively to PS5 in 2023, whereas there is no release date for Wolverine which is also exclusive to PS5.

All we know is that the game is “very early in development.” A Playstation Blog states that the title is “Standalone game” being directed by Brian Horton and Cameron Christian, who acted as creative leads on Spider-Man: Miles Morales.