Sun. Nov 28th, 2021
Far Cry 6 Review


Far Cry 6 is a new installment in the Far Cry series. But, this one does a good job when compared to Far Cry 5 and New Dawn. You want action, go on the roads and wait for around 30-60 seconds, and there you go vehicles with enemies will approach you.

Let’s start this review by talking about the game’s menu. So, the game menu pretty much remains the same when compared to previous Far Cry games. It’s easy to understand, not at all complicated. Only a few changes in terms of words. Arsenal is character customization, and select/change weapons. Amigos is “Guns for Hire” in this game, except there won’t be any people, it will only be cute animals. There are a total of 5 amigos. My favorite one is Chorizo, the cutest dog ever.

So, the story starts with 3 people wanting to escape Yara and live their lives in America. You of course will be that one player that will be on board with this mission. You will be playing as Dani Rojas (character will be either He or She depending on your choice) an ex-military, proficient in using all types of weapons, and a leader. The game wants to make you feel so powerful, that you can literally do anything, all by yourself. No outside help which technically barely any people come for help.

You’re basically that guy that fires rockets from their steel backpack that alone weighs 2 tonnes. It’s capable enough to destroy a tank and refills by killing more of Castillo’s men. I have said it in the past and I will say it again, Ubisoft is the best in business when it comes to creating a massive open world. Yara is enormous, beautiful, and excellent world. Exploring the game, in the beginning, feels a little difficult since there’s so much to uncover.

Far Cry 6 Review #2

There are checkpoints to liberate, rescue guerrillas from Castillo’s men, collect all the collectibles, and do the camp missions. So, basically, the format here is almost the same when compared to previous Far Cry games. I was kinda hoping for them to go in a little different direction, but it comes as a disappointment to me. What is more disappointing is that the villain of the game, Anton Castillo, is just seen in cutscenes, he is kept away from the action, and simply not as interesting as when you compared him to previous Far cry villains like Joseph Seed for the matter.

The game fails to address what he did to earn his reputation and how he became President of Yara. We are directly told he is the President of Yara and he is not a good man, in hopes of bringing Paradise, he is using people of Yara as slaves and then later kills and experiments on them. He is every time shown lecturing his son Diego, a relationship of father and son which to me looks more like a rich man kidnapped a young scared boy to train him and do his dirty works by making him the President of Yara. In short, Anton is a shit dad.

The villain basically lacks that craziness that makes them a true villain, and that is not good for the game at all. I feel like Ubisoft wanted to make this game as chaotic as possible, with brutal gameplay, and firing rockets from Steel backpack which would look really beautiful, and then the next moment becomes all serious because the villain did something, and wants to give his son a better life through necessary slavery and bloodshed . And quite frankly, it doesn’t work at all.

Far Cry 6 side missions were more fun like the Yaran stories, and treasure hunts. Don’t get me wrong, the main campaign missions were fun too, it had its moments, but it feels like the side missions were better. It’s in these optional missions that I had more fun, rather than the same take down the base, villains handcuffed your hands to torture you, and repeat the same story again.

Far Cry 6 Review #3

Main city of Far Cry 6 is Esperanza. The city where Anton Castillo and his son Diego lives, and that’s it. Because the most of the place is locked and buildings is not accessible. The one important thing that every people loves to do in the game is jump from the top of the big buildings/statues. Unfortunately, you can’t. You can’t jump from the top of Anton’s Palace. Since, most of the buildings are inaccessible, and can’t climb on it, so the only thing you can do is go back to the rural mountainous map of Yara. They are more explorable than Esperanza.

Access to all the vehicles like air,sea and land is pretty much given quickly. Though if you are using air vehicles you have to first destroy Anti-aircraft cannons in order to prevent yourselves from getting blown up. Also, after destroying the Anti-aircraft cannons at air base, you should collect Depleted Uranium to buy Special weapons from Juan’s workbench like other types of Supremos and special weapons.

When comparing the game to last year, what you will realize is that there is no skill tree this time. Instead you wear different masks, and clothes to enhance your abilities. Also, there is rank system in the game, the more you rank the more upgrades you unlock for the weapons and more. The best thing I think Ubisoft did here is change weapons whenever you want. Just pause the game, change the weapons you have and there you go. I love it!

Far Cry 6 review #4

A new addition to this combat system is Supremo’s, there are a total of 7 Supremo’s. At the start of the game, you start off with The Exterminador, that fires rockets capable enough to bring a tank down. For stealth players, The Volta, which emits an EMP charge, which stuns players and also disables all security systems to avoid reinforcements. If you want primary support, then there is The Medico, it helps players to self-revive and quickly heal yourselves and nearby allies over time.

A concept runs around Yara that is “Resolver”, it what fuels the Far Cry 6 customization mechanics. You can earn money also known as Yaran pesos, by scrabbling around areas for scraps, which you’ll spend on unlocking different mods for guns and supremos. There are just way too much options.

Okay, final topic of discussion: Bugs. I was once travelling through a checkpoint and from the back the military vehicle just hit me and went exploring the multiverse, then the next thing I know is I am in Esperanza and I am not able to use my weapons and Diego is standing in front of me not movable at all and all Castillo’s men just shot me dead. I should have just taken video of it, it would have gained insane amount of views to be honest.

I enjoyed my time in Yara, killing enemies, capturing checkpoints and bases, and what makes this one a better than the previous Far Cry games is engaging combats and the story this time was better than the previous Far Cry 5 and New Dawn. Dani is an one-man/woman-army.

Rating: 8 out of 10.