Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

The Last of Us 2 director reveals a character Leah, which was going to be played by Hailey Gross, didn’t make it in the final cut of the game.

In a Twitter exchange between Neil Drunkmann and writer Hailey Gross, it was revealed that Hailey played originally played a character in The Last of Us 2, however, that she got cut from the final version of the game. In his tweet, Drunkmann shared a photo of Hailey in a mocap suit, and all the dots on her face for facial motion capture, with a caption, “Now I want to put your character back in the game… JUST SO WE CAN CUT HER OUT AGAIN!”

Hailey later replied to this with a short video of herself in the mocap studio with the caption: “Last of Us Part III: Leah’s Revenge.” Thanks to Hailey’s reply, it’s safe to assume that the character she is talking about is Leah. The same Leah we had to go find her at the TV Station only to find out that she is already dead. Which in fact now makes sense, since we know the character was mostly cut from the game.