Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home #1


How is Spider-Man: No Way Home? Does it live up to its Multiverse concept? Well, my dear friends, Spider-Man: No Way Home, the latest Sony and Marvel movie exceeds all the expectations. This movie aims to connect with the previous two Spider-man’s Live-action versions by first introducing their villains and then later the characters. Tom Holland’s performance in this movie would be by far the best performance ever. So, let’s start with this review.

So, the movie starts one frame after where Far From Home ended where the bad Mysterio reveals Tom Holland’s Peter Identity and causes chaos in his life. Tom’s Peter who is desperate to protect his family and friends goes to Doctor Strange and asks him if he could cast a spell that would make the world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and could go back to live his life the way he was living.

Strange casts the spell with Tom’s Peter requesting Strange to still let some people like his loved ones know. The spell then backfires since Tom’s Peter tampered with the spell and calling everyone who knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man out of their universe. Things got easier when villains started to answer Strange’s backfired spell call, which is honestly the best thing that happened.

Spider-Man: No Way Home #2

We got to see Alfred Molina (Doc Ock), Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin), Jamie Foxx (Electro), Rhys Ifans (Lizard), and Thomas Haden Church (Sandman). All of these reprised their respective roles and it was so insanely amazing to see them back. However, when they get captured by Strange so that he could fix the spell and send them back to their universe, Tom’s Peter finds out that they all die fighting their Spider-Man.

Tom’s Peter decision was I would say super-unexpected because he doesn’t want them to die when fighting Spider-Man when they return to their universe. He wants to cure them. He wants to cure those mutations that make them do villainous activities, even if it means going against Doctor Strange to make that impossible happen. After that best chase sequence between Strange and Tom’s Peter, Strange, unfortunately, gets trapped in the Mirror Dimension since Tom’s Peter steals his sling ring, and Ned uses it to his unknown knowledge.

You know I like this idea in No Way Home where Tom’s Peter wants to cure the baddies and give them a second chance in living a peaceful life. Whenever we used to see movies wherein the end after all the horrible things the villain has done, the hero should either kill him or finish this chapter once and for all. This was the best concept or idea to bring in a movie that involves villains from other universes or the “Multiverse.”

Tom’s Peter takes all of these villains to Happy’s place and starts working on fixing them by beginning with the first villain he fought, Doc Ock. He successfully cures him, and then a few minutes later after making the cure, Green Goblin kind of motivates everyone into running away and that ends up with everyone successfully escaping away and also Tom’s Peter ends up losing our beloved Aunt May, after her efforts in saving Tom’s Peter from Goblin. I’m gonna miss Marisa Tomei playing Aunt May again. Aunt May says that important line before dying, “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility!

Spider-Man: No Way Home #3

So, now comes the exciting part, people have obviously waiting for it since the start of the movie. If the villains can make a jump from another universe why not the Spider-Men? This is where first Andrew Garfield and then Tobey Maguire Spider-Man come to help Tom’s Peter. Boy, these two’s characters have grown so much and are more mature. They find out where Tom’s Peter is, after finding out that his Aunt May is no more, and is rageful, and wants to kill Green Goblin. Tobey’s Peter and Andrew’s Peter make him understand to stick to what he had first thought, give them a second chance by curing the villains.

I like how “No Way Home” feels so much better and doesn’t want us to think that the past movies were the best. Every Spider-Man is different from each other yet there is a continuity between each other like the continuity between Far From Home and No Way Home (although both of them has Home in the titles as common). In this movie, I like the older Tobey Maguire, matured, obviously since he is making his appearance after 14 years and everyone would be excited to see him. Andrew Garfield is now more charismatic than ever since the past two The Amazing Spider-Man movie.

I like how this movie wasn’t treated as bringing back the past 2 franchises, or a stunt that would gain nothing except hatred towards the Spider-Man. But it treated it as an opportunity to bring these characters through “Multiverse” and use it as an opportunity to bring more understanding or explore Peter Parker as in what he stands for.

In the final act of the movie where Tobey’s Peter, Andrew’s Peter, and Tom’s Peter fight Sandman, Electro, and Lizard, where they fight them by baiting them to the Ghost box. Tobey’s Peter heals Sandman, Andrew’s Peter with the help of Doc Ock heals Electro, and Tom’s Peter heals the Lizard. This gives these two universes Spider-Man and Villains get much-needed room to heal their relationship and begin the process of bonding with each other. Honestly, I love that idea, and I really admire that.

Spider-Man: No Way Home #4

The final fight of Green Goblin and Tom’s Peter, the best. That’s one way to describe it. Willem Dafoe really in this movie was somehow more awesome than he was in Spider-Man (2002). That was some better improvisation in his character, and also as Green Goblin was about to get killed by his own glider by Tom’s Peter, Tobey’s Peter steps in and stops Tom’s Peter by letting him self-realize what he was about to do, and seconds later Green Goblin stabs Tobey’s Peter in the back, leaving the door open for Andrew’s Peter to throw the cure to Tom’s Peter and inject it on Norman Osborn.

Finally, Doctor Strange tries to stop that tampered spell which he wasn’t able to leading to opening of MCU to other universes too. The only way to stop is to recast the spell and make the world forget who Peter Parker is which Tom’s Peter without processing too much thoughts into it asks Strange to cast the spell. By the time spell gets ready to cast, we get to see Tobey’s Peter, Andrew’s Peter and Tom’s Peter hug it out and it was so nice to see it. Tom’s Peter saying final goodbyes to Zendaya, and Ned before they forget and promising he’ll make them remember who he is.

My final thoughts about the movie will be just go and watch it because God knows when Spider-Man: No Way Home will be streaming online and I just want you guys to know the feelings, the goosebumps, the experience is just so insanely awesome.

Rating: 10 out of 10.